Daniel Camer – interview du photographe


J’ai découvert le travail de Daniel Camer, photographe canadien, en suivant son compte twitter. J’espère, au travers de cet interview, vous faire découvrir ce photographe professionnel qui évolue dans les domaines de photos commerciales et de mode. L’interview se fera encore une fois en anglais, j’ajouterai un lien vers une traduction automatique par la suite.

Hi Daniel, tell me a little bit about yourself?
I am a photographer from Toronto, Canada, and I have been shooting for a few years now, having just recently taken a large interest in fashion.  My hobbies include marketing and a passion of mine is to help my friends yield better profits through the implication of cost-saving measures.
What is your favorite food?
I love steak, medium-rare.  Pizza is also good.
At what time do you get up on sunday ?
I don’t get up–I wake up on Monday.
Where are you, right now ?
Toronto, Canada.
We know where you come from, but where do you want to go now ?
I see myself benefitting from my business background and doing photography on-the-side to grow as an artist.
How did you come to photography ?
By accident!  Funny story, but almost everyone I know who can hold their photographic weight has come to the industry by pure coincidence and has fallen in love with the art.
Is there something you would do different in your career ?
Not at all, I follow my mind, and my mind follows a complex combination of technicalities and art forms.
How do you imagine yourself in 5 years ?
Realistically, working hard and achieving success one step at a time.  Ideally, being a celebrity and/or sitting on a pile of cash.
Could you describe your style ?
I couldn’t.  If I could, I wouldn’t bother shooting anymore.  My style, is to be different, yet the same.  I told you it is hard to describe.  Essentially, my style is about conforming to the general rule of photography and commerciality, but not compromising the fact that I am an artist as well and that delicate care must be put into each image to ensure my photos don’t just look like the next person’s.
Same thing in 5 words ?
Different, yet still the same.
What is for you the perfect shoot you would like to do ?
A combination of 2012’s top and most powerful celebrities, with the help of the most influential PR and media professionals, I would like to set up a very artistic shoot, create something magnificent, then sell it for millions and donate the profits to charity.
Can you feed our imagination with some of your prefered shoots ?
All shoots are as glamorous as you think.  I define glamor as walking among the celebrities and not bowing down to them as some sort of God.  I see them just as another person that I’m capturing with my camera.  I know you do not see too many celebrities on my website, if any at all really, but the reason for that is due to the fact that I have been on photoshoots where they have perhaps been nearly naked–not something they immediately want shared, and I respect that.
Are you working alone or with a team ?
Always with a team, you cannot conquer the world without supporters.
Lets talk equipment a little bit, what cameras/lens is your most used combination ?
I cannot put down my Canon 5D Mark II, with my Sigma F2.8 70-200 lens.  I literally have tried out every lense out there, but since I shoot people, I love the versatility of my 70-200 lens.  Funny, I was about to purchase the Canon F2.8 70-200 when I compared the two lenses online–not only was the Sigma less expensive, but it was sharper as well!
I’m sure you love the light, what lighting equipment you use the most ?
I’m a huge fan of cheap strobes, unless I’m on set of a really massive production.  For now, my Alienbees have been more than dear to me.
What is the “must have” accessory for you ?
None.  You can be a great photographer with just a Canon rebel, and the sun.
Any tips to give to my reader ? I will keep that secret, I promise 😉
This relates to the last question.  I find myself stepping away from my lighting equipment and back towards natural light, whether it be hard light from the sun or soft light in the shadows, I find that the natural beauty this world has to offer is not captured enough.  I’ve included an image with this interview so that you may see what all natural light (no reflectors) looks like through my eyes.  I shot this during the summer of 2011. [Note: il s’agit de la photo en tête d’article]

Which is your favorite Film ?

I love all films but if I had to choose, I would probably still choose 10.
Who is … your favorite photographer ?
I don’t follow the work of anyone and thus I could not tell you.  I keep my style original by avoiding looking at the work of others.
Some links to give me? (website, blog, social networks…)
My website, as well as some of my work.  Links to other social media are on there as well.
Thanks a lot for your time, i hope to meet you again !

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