Joe Morahan – Interview du photographe

joe_morahanVoila un nouvel interview sur le blog. Il s’agit d’une interview de Joe Morahan, photographe passionné de photo sportive … entre autres! Il partage sa vie en Denver et  Los Angeles.

C’est en découvrant son travail que j’ai voulu le partager avec vous. Etant lui même anglophone, l’interview s’est faite en anglais.


Tell me a little bit about yourself ?

I am a creative sports photographer, DP and Director.  I love what I do and work almost every hour of my life.

What is your favorite food?

A Big Chipotle Burrito-extra rice, little chicken, corn salsa.

At what time do you get up on Sunday ?

I get up everyday between 4:30-5:30am.  Love the mornings and that’s when I get my best and most creative work done.

Where are you, right now ?

Sitting in my office returning emails

Everybody is knowing where you come from, but where do you want to go now ?

Well it depends on how I interpret this question.  Physically I would love to go to New Zealand and goof around for a few months, or maybe go ski the Alaskan Mountains.  As far as a goal, I would love to be shooting for companies like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour.

How did you come to photography ?

It all started out when I dropped out of college and started working room service at the local hotel.  I hated everyday I had to work, and never felt challenged, and felt my creativity was being wasted.  That’s when I enrolled in Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.  I majored in Industrial and Scientific Photography, knowing all the while I was going to be shooting sports.  I figured that a background in high speed would come in handy while shooting fast paced sports.

Is there something you would do different in your career ?

Ya, I wish that I had gone to a business school before starting Brooks, so that I would have that business background.  However, its better to stick with what you know, and for me that’s shooting.

How do you imagine yourself in 5 years ?

A family man.  I hope to have my first little one within the next five years.  I also would like to think I will be a bit closer to working with my dream clients.

Could you describe your style ?

Different.  I love being different.  I don’t care if its my cloths, cars, images, as long as I am not following the pack and being a sheep, and I happy with that.

Same thing in 5 words ?

Different, creative, abstract, unique, vibrant

What is for you the perfect shoot you would like to do ?

I would love to shoot a campaign for Nike someday.  I  don’t care what sport it may be, or who the athlete would be, I just would want to work with Nike and help with a creative and unique campaign.

 Are you working alone or with a team ?

Lately I have been working with a team, as I get more into being a DP, and Directing.  However, many of my still images were created with the goal of being submitted to stock agencies, and many of those I was working alone

Lets talk equipment a little bit, what cameras/lens is your most used combination ?

I would have to say my Canon EOS 1DS Mark III is my camera of choice.  Its got that huge sensor and can hold a lot of detail.  Lens….geeze, I would have to say my most common lens would be my Canon 17-40 f/4.  Its not the fastest lens I own, but I think its lucky!!!  I also would like to say I only use Hoodman cards while shooting.  They have never failed on me, and I trust that no Hoodman card would ever fail on me. I also use Lowepro for my packs, while out on location.

I’m sure you love the light, what lightning equipment you use the most ?

Profoto B2 Kit.  It’s a life-saver to me, and helps me get the sort of shots that I do.  I can’t say enough about Profoto.

What is the “must have” accessory for you ?

The Hoodman HoodLoupe 3.0  I love that thing, it reminds me of shooting on the old 4×5 and being under the dark cloth.  The HoodLoupe allows me to check my images, even if its sunny out, and make my adjustment on the shoot, rather that doing it in post.

Any tips to give to my reader ? I will keep that secret, I promise 😉

My tip would be if you get a job you love, you will never work one day of your life.  Its easy to wake up and get to work if you have been dreaming about it all night.

Which is your favorite Film ?

This one is tough, but I would have to say, Usual Suspects.  What a great flick.  But I am also a big TV fan and for that it’s an easy answer, The Office.  It makes me kind of miss working in an office with others.

Who is … your favorite photographer ?

Hands down Ralph Clevenger.  His imagination is what I love best about Ralph.  Nothing is impossible to him, and he inspires me to keep pushing to that next level.

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Thanks a lot for your time !

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